Who we are:

Two guys who love to ride motorcycles, prefer motorbikes to cars, search for practical solutions, and look forward to the roar of a bike like a teenager. With nothing but a sleeping bag and toothbrush – sleeping outdoors in the thousand-star hotel. The smell of leather, sweat, and oil when we wake up in the mornings. Sunburn the size of visor across our faces. Whether a 125cc 2-stroke Russian moped or a 250cc China Enduro. A brute V4 monster, or rather a quiet German 1200cc cruiser. We ride anything that has a spark plug and 2 wheels.

Matthias – Mechanical Engineer

Johannes – Scale Model Engineer

What we do:

You can find us not just on the asphalt, but also passionately tinkering in our garage. Given our professional nature, we are continually looking for optimizations that make traveling on two wheels not just more comfortable, but especially more practical. For this reason, you’ll often find us in our think tank – the garage.

We offer products that we need for our two-wheel road trips ourselves. Products that are necessary. That are exciting to users and simplify the daily routine, but don’t overload. “Less is more” is our highest priority. We put our products to the test ourselves and make them available only when we are 100% convinced of their efficiency.

We see ourselves in the tradition of the German SME: top craftsmanship and innovation, success through quality. Resolving problems the best way possible to achieve customer satisfaction. We are thinkers in blue coveralls.

You can read our history at: www.roughryder.de