About us

Who we are:

Two guys who like to watch motorcycles fa, prefer motorcycles to cars, look for practical solutions and are happy about a loud exhaust like teenagers. We prefer to be on the road on our two-wheelers. With a sleeping bag and the toothbrush – sleeping outside in the thousand star hotel. In the morning when sitting up, the smell of leather, sweat and oil in the nose. A visor-sized sunburn on your face. Whether a 125 2-stroke Russian moped or a 250cm┬│ China enduro. A brute, Italian V4 monster or rather a soft, German 1200 travel engine. We drive anything that has a spark plug and two wheels.

What we do:

We are not only on the asphalt, but are also passionate screwdrivers and tinkerers. Due to the professional nature of our work, we are always looking for improvements that will make travelling on two wheels not only more pleasant, but above all more practical. This is precisely why we are often found in our place of thought – the workshop.

We offer products that we need ourselves on our motorized two-wheeler journey. Products that are necessary. They inspire the user and make everyday life easier in a meaningful way, but at the same time they are not overloaded. “Less is more” is the top priority here. We put our products through their paces on our own initiative and only if we are convinced of a solution ourselves do we offer it!

We see ourselves in the tradition of German medium-sized companies: Top craftsmanship and innovative spirit, success through quality. Solve problems in the best possible way to satisfy customers. We’re thinkers in blue.

You can read our story under: www.roughryder.de