CUMPAN: Now for Sportenduros from GasGas, KTM and HQV!

We are asked again and again whether our CUMPAN Cockpit Assistant can also be used for one or the other Motorcycle. Basically, you can always use the universal variant, and you have to choose the right one from the list when selecting the temperature sensors. NEW in our program we have now kits especially for all following
4-stroke Sportenduro machines
and for
2-stroke Sportenduro machines
from GasGas, KTM and HQV (suitable also for their SM and MC variants):


  • GasGas: EC 250F, EC 350F | as of 2021
  • KTM: EXC 250-F, EXC 350-F, EXC 450-F, EXC 500-F | from 2017
  • HUSQVARNA: FE 250, FE 350, FE 450, FE 501 | as of 2017


  • KTM: 250 EXC TPI (2018- 2022) | 300 EXC TPI (2018- 2022)
  • HUSQVARNA: TE 250i (2018-2022) | TE 300i (2018-2022) | TX 300i (2020-2022)
  • GasGas: EC 250 (2021 – 2022) | EC 300 (2021 – 2022) | EX 250 (2021 – 2022) | EX 300 (2021 – 2022)

We have made a video for you and explained the installation. Many thanks at this point to the
MSR Racing Team from Vaihingen/Enz
(near Stuttgart) for the provision of a GasGas EC 350F.


With our universal variant of the CUMPAN can also be equipped with any Motorcycle (basically any combustion engine).

To increase the comfort of the installation, we offer prefabricated kits for individual engine. These include, for example. matching branch connectors, sensors and instructions.

For example, there is the CUMPAN for the
KTM 690
GasGas 700
models in a very popular kit, but also for our well known FANTIC Caballeros in a CUMPAN version for the
FANTIC Caballero 500
and the
FANTIC Caballero 125

Have fun with the CUMPAN!

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