HUSQVARNA 701 Supermoto / Enduro

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A visually attractive luggage carrier for the HUSQVARNA 701, which continues the shapes of the tubular frame. In the HUSQVARNA colors blue/white/black powder-coated, it fits perfectly into the vehicle line. The fully stainless steel rack is not only extremely stable, but also very light (500 grams). During development, care was taken to not unnecessarily increase the known low vehicle weight while still guaranteeing travel and everyday usability. The assembly at the receiving points of the standard passenger grab handles is done easily and quickly. The sociability is maintained when using the carrier.

The use of an additional cross brace in front of the tank lid prevents the luggage load from resting on the tank lid. The gapless transition to the seat allows the loading of larger bags/cases.

The luggage load is largely borne by the original attachment points on the rear frame in the vertical direction and the seat. As a result, the threaded inserts on the original plastic rear frame carry significantly less weight than comparable products.

If only the area behind the tank cap is loaded, the load should not exceed 5 kg. If the luggage is packed up to right behnd the seat, higher payloads are possible. In all cases, the luggage must be firmly lashed.

If quick release straps are used, the extra effort when refueling is only slightly more than removing a tank bag.

Compatible with the 2016-2019 models | Luggage carriers do not need to be registered and do not require a general operating permit (ABE) | Bag and motorcycle not included


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Made in Germany.