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The electronic revolution counter helps you to shift gears optimally and thus use the full performance potential of your engine. The system shows you with its brightly lit shift flash, when it is time to shift into the next gear.

The CUMPAN monitors the right shifting time through the parameters engine speed and engine temperature. After the cold start the CUMPAN gives you a visual feedback signal as to when the revolution speed should not be raised further to prevent increased wear. As soon as your engine is warm enough, the revolution speed band is released completely.  The CUMPAN now only reminds you of upshifting at the optimum speed for acceleration.

Additional features: 

  • Exceeding maximum temperature of the engine leads to a warning, to prevent engine damage.
  • Free adjustment of revolution speed limits as well as temperature limits.
  • The ambient temperature is continuously measured and displayed – at low temperatures the system warns of possible icy conditions.
  • The CUMPAN can be adjusted to all engines, including cars and commercial vehicles. In order to provide a convenient installation on the vehicle, it is possible to rotate the display by 180°.
  • The compact system is waterproof (IP67) and approved for outdoor use.
  • It is suitable for vehicles with rod ignition coils. Precise revolution speed detection on the crankshaft.
  • All settings can be adjusted by the easy-to-use touch display.
  • The screen can be displayed in 13 different colors.
  • Mounted with high-strength 3M VHB adhesive pad 

Dimensions: 55mm x 39mm x 13mm

Cable length temperature sensor: 120cm

Please check in advance which thread is required for the engine temperature sensor.













Engine temperature on the HUSQVARNA 701 / KTM 690 – model year until 2019 and from 2020

It has not yet been possible to test all installation variants of the temperature sensor in use – therefore the following information is not guaranteed:


Possible installation positions of the engine temperature sensor

HUSQVARNA 701 – up to model 2019

Crankcase – Position 3 (M10x1 3x)

Timing chain tensioner – Position 13 (M10x1 1x)

HUSQVARNA 701 – from model 2020

Crankcase – Position 3 (M10x1 1x)

Timing chain tensioner – Position 13 (M10x1 1x)

KTM 690 – up to model 2019

Crankcase – Position 3 (M10x1 3x)

Timing chain tensioner – Position 13 (M10x1 1x)

KTM 690 – from model 2020

Crankcase – Position 3 (M10x1 1x)

Timing chain tensioner – Position 13 (M10x1 1x)

image documentation of sensor position

In addition, we maintain a list of model-specific installation examples of our customers:

Caballero 500 Rally

Unimog 403



Speed detection and damping

  • There is a detailed comparison measurement for recording the speed signal here.

Comparison of engine temperature detection om HUSQVARNA 701 / KTM 690

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1 review for CUMPAN – Cockpit Assistant

  1. Massimiliano Boni (verified owner)

    Very well designed product that compensates for the poor information provided by the original instrumentation. Knowing the engine oil temperature is basic for a correct use of the bike. Knowing when you can make the most of the performance without causing damage to the engine is very important to me. Being able to display the speed makes it easier to ride your bike. You can better understand when you need to change gear. The RPM display even with the light bar is very intuitive.
    The programming via touch screen is very easy.

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