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A luggage rack that continues the vehicle line of the Yamaha Ténéré 700 and blends into the elegant rear in a visually appealing way. The powder-coated and completely made of stainless steel luggage rack is not only extremely stable and absolutely rust-free but also very light. During the development, care was taken not to unnecessarily increase the vehicle weight and still ensure suitability for travel and everyday use.

The weight of the Yamaha increases only by 740g. Installation is quick and easy. Passenger suitability is retained when the luggage rack is not loaded.

The seamless transition to the bench allows you to take larger pieces of luggage with you.

The luggage load is carried by the original attachment points on the rear frame and the seat. Rear seat can be removed easily with the luggage rack mounted.


Compatible from model year 2019 – also fit with the rally seat Luggage carriers are free of registration and do not require a general operating permit (ABE) | Bag and motorcycle not included


Made in Germany.


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