Chain oiler vs. chain spray in practical test

Chain oiler vs. chain spray – two identical, brand-new motorcycles – one drive chain lubricated with our chain oiler “MOFESSOR” and the other with conventional chain spray A project that will show the advantages and disadvantages in a transparent and unbiased manner and substantiate them with accurate measurements.

Both motorcycles are exposed simultaneously to the different influences: Frost and heat, summer and winter, sun and rain. Driving is on asphalt and off-road, always together. The comparison period is set at approx. 2 years, at least 20,000 KM should be driven to ensure a meaningful result.

Documented are the acquisition and follow-up costs of the chain lubrication, maintenance costscare and, of course, the wear and tear of the drive train.

The bikes: FANTIC Caballero 500 Rally – red and olive green:

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Company vacation from 12 Sep. - 03. Oct.

Company vacation from 12 Sep - 03 Oct.