Chain oiler vs. chain spray in a practical test

Chain oiler vs. Chain spray – two identical, brand new motorcycles – one chain with our chain oiler “MOFESSOR” and the other lubricated with conventional chain spray. A project that transparently and unadulteratedly shows advantages and disadvantages and will back them up with precise measurements.

Both motorcycles are exposed to a wide variety of influences at the same time: frost and heat, summer and winter, sun and rain. They will be driven on the asphalt and off-road, always together. The comparison period is scheduled to be about 2 years, at least 20,000 KM should be driven to ensure a meaningful result.

The acquisition and follow-up costs of chain lubrication, maintenance costs and, of course, chain wear are documented.

The motorcycles: FANTIC Caballero 500 Rally – red and olive green.

Be excited and accompany us on trips across Europe – on and off the road. We will regularly publish news in text, image and video here and share our experience with chain lubrication and with the new FANTIC Caballero.

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