A legend returns?

In 1976, a legend entered the stage: In Marrakech, the YAMAHA XT 500 was presented for the first time – the world’s first large series enduro. It ushered in a new era of motorcycle racing, which was established by the victories in the Rally Paris-Dakar ’79 and ’80.

XT500 (1 von 1)

With our FANTIC Caballero 500 Superleggenda we have created a tribute to the mother of all enduros: Golden rims, simplicity, understated elegance and kept in the classic colors black / red / white from the 80s. The Superleggenda manages to bring the legacy of the XT500 back to the streets in modern form 46 years later, without falling victim to the addiction to comfort, connectivity and infotainment.

You can find the conversion measures in detail here:

Rim conversion:

Front wheel: rim 21 x 1,85 gold anodized rim ring, 36 stainless steel spokes, tires 90/90-21, original hub
Rear wheel: rim 18 x 2,50 gold anodized, 36 stainless steel spokes, tires 140/80-18, original hub
► 15mm additional ground clearance, total weight saving approx. 0.5kg | Manufacturer: FRIEDRICH MENZE / SANREMO | Price: approx. 900€

Other conversions:

Handlebar riser 20mm | Manufacturer: VOIGT MOTO TECHNIK | Price: approx. 60€
Rear muffler and power manifold | Manufacturer: ARROW | Price: ca. 870€
Handlebar ends – weight saving of approx. 0.34kg | Manufacturer: ABM | Price: approx. 18€
Lithium-ion battery – weight saving of approx. 2kg | Manufacturer: SHIDO LTX9-BS / YTX9-BS | Price: approx. 53€
LED indicator | Manufacturer: HIGHSIDER | Price: 149,90€
CUMPAN Cockpit Assistant | Manufacturer: BEROTEC | Price: 169,90€
MOFESSOR Chain oiler| Manufacturer: BEROTEC | Price: 149,90€
License plate holder – Weight saving of approx. 0.4kg | Manufacturer: BEROTEC | Price: 59,90€
Chain tensioner– Weight saving of approx. 0.08kg | Manufacturer: BEROTEC | Price: 24,90€
Luggage rack| Manufacturer: BEROTEC | Price: 199,90€
USB charging adapter QC3.0 | Manufacturer: KOSO | Price: approx. 30€
Paint work | Manufacturer: KÄMPF GmbH | Price: approx. 800€
Conversion to 1-person operation
black Scrambler seat | Price: ca. 210€
Coolant reservoir painted black with viewing window
Fork tubes black foiled
Tires: MITAS E-09

Total weight:

► full tank: 155.7kg

Motorcycle Diary of the Superleggenda:










First registration as Caballero 500 Rally

Conversion from 500 Rally to 500 Superleggenda

Trip to Marrakech – On the trail of the Paris-Dakar Rally

On the road with grandma and granddaughter:

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