Known problems of the FANTIC Caballero 500

An (incomplete) list of known problems or limitations with the FANTIC Caballero 500. This is intended to be a collection of riders, for riders of the Caballero 500 and to provide an overview, as well as assistance in solving the problems.

We are happy to add to the list and include further contributions and empirical values:


Cause Solution Years of construction

Cylinder head gasket leaking

Air from the expansion tank enters the cooling circuit of the cylinder, local overheating Retrofit valve expansion tank and software update for earlier fan activation. (Rework by FANTIC) 2019-2020

Sprocket carrier wobbles

Jerk damper rubbers worn out Replace jerk damper rubbers with improved variant 07728005 (old, bad, variant 04422005), alternatively or additionally the aluminum flanges on the sprocket carrier can be thickened, e.g. with heat shrink tubing 2019-2020
Suspension strut squeaks Bearing points of the deflection are corroded and difficult to move. Especially for off-road use. Clean and lubricate the idler and bearings regularly, optionally install grease nipples all
Taillight LEDs partially fail Water penetrates into rear light, LEDs corrode Replace tail light (04598005) or solder in new LEDs. all
High beam switch defective water penetrates, loose contact convert to handlebar armature from 2021 2019-2020

We make no claim that the information is complete or up-to-date. Each driver is responsible for any action taken.

We are not a FANTIC dealer

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