Motorcycle Diary

Caballero “RED”

026.06.20First registration
1929.06.20CUMPAN cockpit assistent installed
4403.07.20Lithium-ion battery installed (-1.9kg)
6306.07.20Hand guards and GPS mount installed
54915.07.20short aluminum tail installed
54917.07.20Luggage rack installed – BEROTEC built
54917.07.20Additional USB socket installed
54917.07.201. chain lubricated S100 2.0
1.42220.07.20Chain cleaned, chain lubricated
1.52224.07.20Inspection 1000km
1.58128.07.20Spare canister 1l attached
8.48508.08.20Cylinder head gasket is leaking
8.48518.08.20Jolt damper worn out
8.48510.09.20Inspection + Repair
8.48512.09.20Pinion replaced
11.71527.01.21Suspension strut very oily, high beam defective (3 of 5 LEDs failed)
12.93422.07.21Inspection, suspension strut replaced, headlight replaced

Caballero “GREEN”

026.06.20First registration, chain oiler “MOFESSOR” installed
3903.07.20Lithium-ion battery installed (-1.9kg)
5809.07.20Hand guards installed
5809.07.2012V socket installed
57415.07.20short aluminium tail attached
57417.07.20Luggage rack installed – BEROTEC built
1.44520.07.20new brake lever installed
1.44520.07.20Chain cleaned, chain oil filled up
1.54524.07.20Inspection 1000km
1.60228.07.20CUMPAN cockpit assistant installed
1.60228.07.20Spare canister 1l attached
8.67118.08.20Chain sprocket loose, therefore play/movement in the sprocket
8.671 18.08.20 jolt damper heavily worn out
8.67112.09.20Pinion replaced
10.65014.10.20Cylinder head gasket is leaking
12.87804.05.212 LED of the rear light without function
13.32522.07.21Inspection, tail light replaced
14.60804.09.21Fuse fan defective – cooling water boils over

Travel Diary

ODO (start date)DateInfodriven kilometersRoad conditions [%]
Road (dry)RainOffroad
026.06.20First registration
7512.07.201st tour – Lake Constance4739901
54817.07.202nd tour – TET Grand Est87480020
1.42201.08.203rd tour – Nordkapp7.07281166
8.75819.09.204th Tour – Alps TET1.89285018
10.61417.10.205th Tour – Vosges41250500
11.50325.01.216th Tour – Vosges21501000
11.72924.04.217th tour – TET Massif Central96972028
12.71114.05.218th tour – Odenwald223553510
13.02629.08.219th Tour – Balkans2.44058042
(only the tours)
(11,156 KM)
(1.6392 KM)
(2,137 KM)

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Company vacation from 12 Sep. - 03. Oct.

Company vacation from 12 Sep - 03 Oct.