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CUMPAN – Cockpit Assistant

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The electronic tachometer helps you to shift optimally and thus use the full power potential of your engine. With its brightly lit shift flash, the system tells you when it’s time to shift into the next gear.

The CUMPAN monitors the correct shifting time via the parameters engine speed and motor temperature. After a cold start, the CUMPAN gives you visual feedback when the speed should not be increased any further to prevent increased wear. As soon as your engine is warm enough, the speed band is completely released. The CUMPAN now reminds you to shift up again only at the optimum speed for acceleration.

Further features:

  • If the permissible maximum temperature of the motor is exceeded, a warning is issued to prevent motor damage.
  • Free adjustment of speed and temperature limits.
  • The ambient temperature is continuously recorded and displayed – at low temperatures the system warns of possible ice slipperiness.
  • The CUMPAN can be set to all engines, also for cars and commercial vehicles For optimal installation on the vehicle, it is possible to rotate the display by 180°.
  • The compact system is waterproof (IP67) and approved for outdoor use.
  • Suitable for vehicles with rod ignition coils. Precise speed measurement at the crankshaft.
  • All settings are made via the easy-to-use touch display interface.
  • The display can be shown in 13 different colours.
  • Mounting with high strength 3M VHB adhesive pad

Dimensions housing: 55mm x 39mm x 13mm

Cable length motor temperature sensor: 120cm

Please check in advance which thread is required for the engine temperature sensor.


Installation help

Operation manual

Installation video

In addition, we maintain a list of model-specific installation examples of our customers:


Caballero 500 Rally

Unimog 403



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