Movements with mechanical contact cause friction – heat and wear are generated. The intensity of the friction between chain and sprocket / pinion determines the life of the drive, even with closed O / X / Z-ring chains. Just as with engines and transmissions, oil is the best and most proven lubricant for the drive chain. Friction and wear are effectively reduced. An automatic and continuous chain lubrication prevents the tearing off of the lubricating film and guarantees optimum running properties. This results in a significantly increased life and a greatly reduced maintenance.

MOFESSOR – The Chain Oiler

The MOFESSOR is an automatic chain lubrication system – practical functions, a compact design and high-quality details combined in an assembly-friendly overall system: Intuitive operation: Lubrication quantity freely selectable in 10 steps Rain or off-road driving: Increase oil quantity spontaneously … Continued

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Dual nozzle

The Dual nozzle for our chain lubrication system MOFESSOR. For a more even lubrication of the drive chain. Scope of delivery: 1x Dual nozzle 1m hose 3x hose holder Installation instructions ?

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Chain cleaning set

The drive chain of the motorcycle should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt particles and grease residues before installing the MOFESSOR.We recommend our chain cleaning set for this purpose: 1x can of NIRGRIN chain cleaner for motorcycles 1x special cleaning brush … Continued

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MOFESSOR chain oil

The recommended chain oil for the chain lubrication system “MOFESSOR”. This semi-synthetic high-performance oil is characterized by excellent creep and high adhesion. Furthermore, it protects the entire system from resinification and is also very temperature stable (-10° to +50°C). Content … Continued

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NIGRIN Chain Cleaner

Suitable for O-, Z- and X-ring drive chains Cleans and degreases all motorcycle chains and increases wear protection Removes contaminated chain grease and the dirt bound in it Prevents increased wear of the chain set due to contamination Improves the … Continued

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Variable tank ventilation

The variable tank ventilation for the MOFESSOR oil tank. If the oil tank is installed with a very small inclination or crosswise to the direction of travel, it can happen that a small amount of oil escapes from the ventilation … Continued

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