Only a motorcycle offers one-of-a-kind contact with the street. Rain feels colder, mid-day heat hotter. Wind blowing in your face, the sun deep on the horizon. Here you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures and realize how little you actually need. No self-driving car, no room service, not lining up at the buffet. With a two-wheeler, you can just go wherever you want. The “lack” of storage space gives you the freedom to let go of unnecessary weight and to concentrate on the bare essentials. A lightness unfathomed in this day and age takes hold.
And then there are also our trusted travel partners – the motorcycles themselves. Engines, oil, gas, and combustion. Speed, drive technology, and adrenalin rush. The pounding and rumbling of moving pistons. This primal force of an explosion, best initiated by your own leg via the kick start.