Only on a motorcycle you get the unique contact with the road. The rain is colder, the midday heat hotter. The wind in your face, the sun low on the horizon. Here you can enjoy the simplicity of things. You realize how little motorcycle gear you need. No self-driving car, no room service and no queuing at the buffet.

With the two-wheeler you just go where you like. The “lack” of storage space gives you the freedom to get rid of unnecessary clutter. To focus on the essentials. A lightness undreamt of in our time spreads.

And then there are our constant companions – the enginethemselves. Engines, oil, gasoline and combustion. Speed, riding technique and the adrenaline rush. The bump and rumble of pistons in motion. This elemental force of an explosion, best set in motion by your own calf via the kickstarter.

That is what we have made our goal: To develop and offer motorcycle equipment that supports this feeling of freedom and lightness. Which strengthens the connection between driver and vehicle.

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