CUMPAN Gear indicator + KTM 690 / HQV 701 / GasGas 700 models

In this article we want to talk about the compatibility of the Gear indicator the CUMPAN and show which models are supported.

Basically, the Gear indicator works in such a way that the CUMPAN interprets a voltage value. The voltage value must be output from a gear sensor that is already installed on the Motorcycle. The CUMPAN is therefore absolutely dependent on the fact that a gear sensor is already present on the Motorcycle at the factory.

Older 690 models have a gear sensor installed that has a 3-pin connector and only senses idle, as well as gears 2-3. This sensor supplies information to the engine control unit, which makes adjustments to the injection when the Motorcycle is in the 2. or 3rd gear is located. Theoretically it is also possible to display these signals with the CUMPAN, but then only gears 2-3 and idle can be displayed.

On the newer 690/701 models, a full gear sensor is found that provides voltage values for each individual gear. Thus, the CUMPAN can display all gears and only needs to be connected to the corresponding cable of the gear sensor for this purpose. In addition, a calibration of the CUMPAN is useful so that the exact voltage values can be assigned to the corresponding gear. These newer gear sensors have a 4 or 6 pin connector.

There are two ways to find out which gear sensor is installed on your Motorcycle:

1. via the part number or the connector

As described earlier, there are two different gear sensors on the earlier 690 models. The older version has a 3-pin (triangular) connector, the newer version has a 4-pin (square) connector. So all you have to do is locate the gear sensor on the engine housing and follow its cable along to the connector. Here you can then identify the corresponding plug. The gear sensor is located on the left side of the engine housing, above the shift shaft. For the older models it is the position no. 32 (3-pin connector) and on the newer models it is the position no. 32 (4-pin plug).

The EURO 4/5 models(KTM 690s from 2019 | HUSQVARNA 701s from 2017 | GasGas 700s all) also have a gear sensor that detects all gears. This sensor has a 6-pin connector – position no. 30 . The gear indicator of the CUMPAN is fully compatible with it. As an alternative to the branch connector, which is included in the Scope of delivery, an optional intermediate connector for the gear signal can be purchased.

The signal cable of the gear sensor is brown-green (between control unit and plug) on all models. The CUMPAN must be connected to this cable.

Important notes:

► The cable color between the gear sensor and the described 6-pin connector is white.

On the opposite side of the plug, the cable color changes to brown-green.

► There is a flat, single-row connector on the throttle control that also has a brown-green cable. This is not the correct cable.
The correct connector with corresponding cable is 2-row and is located on the cable of the gear sensor as described.

► Depending on the model, there is another 6-pin connector in the area of the steering head. This plug is also not the gear sensor plug you are looking for. Also, the cable color brown-green is not found here.

► Do not activate the ignition when the gear sensor plug is disconnected. Otherwise, the gear sensor loses its position and must be relearned by a specialist workshop. The error can be recognized when no more idling is indicated by the vehicle.

Gangsensor-Stecker an HUSQVARNA 701 (2018)
Gangsensor-Stecker an HUSQVARA 701 (2020)

2. Via the enigne number

The engine number is stamped on the left side of the housing and has the following format: x-xxx*xxxxx*.

HUSQVARNA 701 (2018)
HUSQVARA 701 (2018)

The number decodes as follows:

1. position: year of manufacture (here:2018)

2nd position: engine (here: 766)

There are 2 engine on the older 690 models:

760 – model with ABS and a potentiometer gear sensor that can detect all gears, as well as

765 or 753 – models without ABS and a gear sensor that can only detect whether the gear is “neutral” or not

3rd position: serial number (here: 54026)

engine 760 includes the following models:

    • KTM ► DUKE + DUKE R (2012-2015), 690 SMC-R (2014-2017), 690 Enduro (2014-2018).
    • HUSQVARNA ► 701 Supermoto + Enduro (2016 only)

In principle, these specifications are transferable to all SMC-R, Supermoto or Enduro models from KTM, HUSQVARNA and GasGas (from 2022).

Nevertheless, there may be differences between country-specific models (EU, US or AU models). The most important criterion and independent of the year of manufacture is to determine which gear sensor is installed. If it has a 4- or 6-pin connector, a complete Gear indicator is possible with the CUMPAN.

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