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The MOFESSOR is an automatic chain oiling system – developed and produced by BEROTEC GmbH.

Practically relevant functions, a compact design and high-quality details combined in one easy-to-assemble overall system:

  • Intuitive operation: Lubrication amount freely selectable in 10 stages
  • Rain or off-road trips: spontaneously increase oil volume at the touch of a button
  • Temperature control: The oil quantity is automatically adjusted and is therefore independent of the ambient temperature and the season
  • Innovative fastening system: Simple installation of oil line and application nozzle
  • Positive effects on the drive chain: Less friction means less wear, the chain tension remains longer, significantly longer chain life and more power at the rear wheel or lower fuel consumption
  • Range: ~ 5000 KM (standard) / ~ 10.000 KM (long range)



In the 3rd generation the MOFESSOR was equipped with an optimized control and a new housing. The new, innovative fastening system enables the application nozzle/oil line to be positioned safely and freely on the motorcycle. In addition, model-specific connectors are now available.

Made in Germany


The electronically-guided chain lubrication system cares for your chain automatically and unobtrusively.

On the compact control device of the MOFESSOR, the oil quantity emitted can be adjusted through 10 levels.   The rotary switch allows for oil usage to be set as required. This varies with assembly situation, motorcycle type and intended purpose and usually needs to be set only once.

The lubrication process is carried out through the controlled opening of the metering valves using gravity. The electronically-opened valve is sealed when there is no current and allows for oil flow to be safely interrupted when a motorcycle is parked.

With help of the rain switch, the driver has the possibility of pressing a button to increase oil usage eightfold while driving through rain or off-road.  The switch is operated manually. When rain mode is activated, an integrated LED displays a visual notification.

To ensure constant oiling independently from exterior temperature, the control unit constantly measures environmental temperature. Independent of exterior temperature, the opening time of the metering valve is automatically adjusted. This prevents that in cold temperatures too much or in warm ones too little oil is placed on the chain. It’s necessary because the viscosity (fluidity) of the oil is strongly temperature-dependent.

If the oil tank is mounted within the field of vision, the oil level is always visible through the transparent tank casing. It’s very easy to fill up the tank through one of the adjustable filling nozzles.

Using oil instead of chain spry means that less dirt particles remain on the chain. The chain remains cleaner, is easier to clean there’s less friction loss in the motorcycle’s drivetrain. This considerably lengthens the chain’s lifespan.

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In addition, we maintain a list of model-specific installation examples of our customers:


Shiver 900 | Tuono V4R

F650 | F650GS | F800GS | F800GS Adventure | F800R | S1000R | S1000RR | S1000XR

Monster 1200

CBR1100xx | CRF1000L Africa Twin | CRF1000L Africa Twin AS | XRV 750 Africa Twin

701 Enduro

Versys 1000 SE | W650

790 Duke | 790 Adventure R | 990 Super Duke R | 1190 Adventure R | 1290 Super Adventure R | 1290 Super Adventure S

V-Strom DL 650 | V-Strom 650 XT

SpeedTriple 1050 | Tiger 800 | Tiger 800 XCx | Tiger 800 XRt | Tiger Sport

FZ6 Fazer | TDM 850 | Tracer 900/GT | TT 600 R | XT 600 E | XT 660 R


Which motorcycles does the chain oiler suit?

  • The chain oiler MOFESSOR was developed with the basic aim of being compatible with all chain-driven motorcycles. Many typical assembly situations are taken into account so as to make installation as simple as possible. However, each vehicle has its own shape. This means that individuals have to choose the installation site and connectivity. If there are questions in advance or during installation we are happy to offer advice.


Are there model-specific installation instructions?

  • The selection of model-specific installation instructions are continually expanded and updated on our site. You are welcome to contribute to this and help us by sharing your installation instructions.


Are there test reports? What is your experience until now?

  • Since the spring of 2017, the MOFESSOR is on the market and has already been coming into use across the most diverse range of motorcycles. During our testing, we carried out an endurance test without problems. External reviews can be found here: and


Is the system watertight?

  • Our system is designed for motorcycles which are exposed to environmental factors. We bore this in mind during development.
    The rain switch is certified in accordance with IP67. The control unit panel casing is watertight and secure against vibrations.  The metering valve as well as the rain switch are equipped with a waterproof plug connection. However, the system is not suitable for diving. The MOFESSOR was tested on design-appropriate moving motorcycles. These were exposed to high levels of dirt and water.


What voltage/current does the chain oiler require?

  • As standard, the MOFESSOR operates with a voltage of 12V. We can also find a solution for some motorcycles of the older generation with 6V power supply. Get in touch with us about this. The necessary current has two parts:
    – The switching current which the chain sprayer activates via the ignition of the motorcycle, adds up to 20mA (0.02A).
    – The supply current which is directly fed from the battery amounts to 500 mA (0.5A).


Where should the application nozzle be put, on the pinion or the chain ring?

  • The application nozzle can be placed on the pinion or on the chain as desired. Both variants have been tested successfully. Experience has shown the oil usage of the large sprocket is lower and that this makes most effectively use of oil.  However, the best installation point for the application nozzle is dependent on the motorcycle. It should always be chosen with safe application in mind.


Is it possible to use a Dual-Nozzle / Dual-Injektor?

  • Regarding creeping capabilities of the oil, the one-sided oil application is enough to cover the whole surface of the chain roll. A Dual-Nozzle that splits the tube has the disadvantage of possible oil dripping after stopping. If the two ends of the nozzles are not in the exact same vertical heights, there is the chance that air is sneaking into the system. The technical correct solution would be the use of two dispensing units and two separate oil tubes.
    A Dual-Nozzle is harder to fit on the bike and often more exposed to mechanical damage. The one-sided oil application / Single-Nozzle has the disadvantage, that on regular rain rides there might emerge surface rust on the outer plates of the opposite side of the Single-Nozzle. To avoid this optical issue you can “over oil” the chain from time to time or you can use a piece of oil wet cloth to rub off the chain.
    You can use a Dual-Nozzle with the MOFESSOR but we do not offer it to sell.


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